SoluStaff Announces Re-branding as Symmetrio

September 21, 2023
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SoluStaff Announces Re-branding as Symmetrio

Embracing Growth, Enhancing Service, and Strengthening Partnerships

Philadelphia, PA, September 21, 2023

SoluStaff, a leading provider of comprehensive recruiting and staffing solutions, proudly announces its re-branding to Symmetrio, marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion and commitment to delivering exceptional services to its valued clients. This re-branding reflects Symmetrio’s strengthened position in the market, increased practice area leadership, enhanced capacity to support clients, and an improved applicant tracking system while upholding the same trusted, professional partnership approach that has defined SoluStaff’s success.

For over a decade, SoluStaff has built a strong reputation as a trusted partner, delivering top-notch talent and client-specific staffing solutions to organizations across various industries. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, SoluStaff has consistently exceeded expectations, providing exceptional talent to drive innovation and growth for its clients.

As Symmetrio, the company is embracing its expanded practice area leadership and is equipped with an increased capacity to support clients with even greater efficiency and effectiveness. With a broader range of expertise, Symmetrio is well-positioned to provide comprehensive talent acquisition solutions that meet the evolving needs of its diverse client base to achieve workforce symmetry.

One of the key advancement accompanying this re-branding is the market expansion into medical devices, life sciences and health care practice areas led by industry veterans. Symmetrio has also invested in an enhanced applicant tracking system, designed to streamline the recruitment process and ensure optimal matches between clients and candidates. This state-of-the-art system leverages cutting edge technology and data-driven insights to identify the most suitable talent, facilitating successful placements and enabling clients to achieve their business objectives faster than ever before.

While undergoing this transformation, Symmetrio remains committed to maintaining the core values and principles that have established SoluStaff as a trusted industry leader. The company’s professional, loyal partnership approach will continue to be at the forefront of all client interactions, ensuring that every engagement is characterized by integrity, transparency, and a deep understanding of clients’ unique requirements.

“We are thrilled to introduce Symmetrio as the next chapter in our company’s growth journey”, said Kevin Brennan, Founder and Practice Leader for IT and Engineering. “This re-branding represents our commitment to continuously evolve and enhance our services to better support our clients and partners. With out expanded practice area leadership, increased capacity, and improved applicant tracking system, Symmetrio is poised to deliver even greater value to our clients while upholding the same trusted, professional partnership approach that has been the foundation of our success.”

Symmetrio officially unveiled on September 21st. Clients, Partners, and industry professionals are invited to explore the company’s re-branded website at to learn more about Symmetrio’s expanded service offerings, practice areas, and get to experience the renewed commitment to excellence.

About Symmetrio:

Symmetrio is a leading provider of comprehensive recruiting and staffing solutions with a strong track record of delivering exceptional services and fostering rusted partnerships. Symmetrio empowers organizations to achieve their business goals by providing top-tier talent and expertise and is committed to delivering excellence and upholding its trusted, professional partnership approach.

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